Saturday, March 13, 2010

FRIDAY MARCH 19TH - BRISBANE - Presented by DAVID EVANS (Arborcentre UK)
with support from Lyndal Plant (BCC), Tony Cockram (GCCC) and Terra ARK

We are pleased to be hosting the upcoming CPD training seminar on this pertinent topic. With only a week to go, seating is almost booked to capacity and it looks like being an exciting day. We would like to thank everyone who has registered for the day. You will be rewarded with an informative and stimulating presentation that will put you ahead of your peers when it comes to understanding teh topic of trees and development.

The strong booking response from Local Government Authorities is, in our opinion, an indication that this topic is being taken seriously. Increasingly our awareness is growing in recognition of the important role that urban trees play in improving the quality of our lives through conferred environmental benefits and landscape amenity. The serious topics of climate change, population growth and predicted increases in urban densities, are highlighting the need to provide adequate consideration for green infrastructure and in particular, trees, within our cities and new developments.

Terra ARK predicts there will be upcoming changes to Local Government Planning Schemes and policies that reflect the recent introduction of AS4970. Since its introduction we have already seen changes in standard development conditions and reporting requirements that reflect the minimum requirements contained in this document.

The seminar will provide delegates with an opportunity to understand how to apply 'best practice' tree managment within their projects and how to work with AS4970. We will hear from David Evans about the UK experience of working with the similar British Standard for management of trees on construction sites. Lyndal Plant will provide insight into Brisbane City Councils requirements and tree policies, and Tony Cockram (GCCC) will enlighten us on the needs of the assessment officers. Terra ARK will present some case studies of our experience of working to find solutions for clients in retention of trees within development sites.

Discussion at the end of the day is likely to be heated and we are expecting the panel to field some curly questions. Hopefully this will provide us with some direction for topics for closer examination and elucidation at future seminars.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Protection of Trees On Construction Sites - New Australian Standard

Terra ARK is pleased to be able to refer our clients who are involved in building or designing construction projects to the recently released Australian Standard AS 4970 - 2009 Protection of trees on construction sites.

It is available for purchase at Standards Australia's online store:

This Standard provides guidance on the principles for protecting trees on land subject to development. It includes guidelines and recommendations for minimum standards to be applied to the protection of trees on construction sites and follows, in sequence, the stages of development from planning to implementation.

AS 4970 has been embraced by local government authorities and some (including Gold Coast and Brisbane City Councils) have adopted this standard as a minimum requirement for protection of trees on construction sites. Inherent in this is a requirement for engagement of a qualified Arborist to provide reporting as part of the documentation required for a development application. The minimum qualification level acceptable for the preparation of such reporting has been set at Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 5 or equivalent (Diploma level). Terra ARK is able to meet these requirements.

We believe that trees and people can and should live together. Terra ARK will continue to provide advice and guidance to our clients to assist them in negotiating development outcomes and retaining valuable tree assets while facilitating construction works. This entails working with our clients and their project teams from the project conception through to completion of construction and often we have the priveledge to remain as ongoing tree managers after the site has been occupied.

We are now pleased to have a public document that details the requirements of realistic tree protection zones; this provides a tool for designers and builders to incorporate valuable tree assets into their developments. However, we also understand the practicalities of current building practices and the necessity to achieve minimum densities for commercial viability. Trees do require valuable space.

The new standard should not be seen as another barrier to development. Through our extensive practical experience and technical knowledge Terra ARK is able to provide solutions to enable designers and builders to retain valuable vegetation and achieve sustainable development outcomes. Innovative solutions will be required in order to achieve good environmental outcomes in our increasingly populated cities. The team at Terra ARK are dedicated to finding and facilitating such solutions.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to Terra ARK

Welcome to Terra ARK.

We are Consulting Arborists and
we love trees

Our website:

is currently being restructured but you can find further information about us there along with a description of our services and contact information.

This blog will provide updates on Terra ARK's current projects as well as general news and information related to trees, arboriculture and urban forestry.

Keep tuned for more.